Are you a taxi operator and looking for a way to receive more customer requests?

We deliver the customers, you give them a ride!

Where do these customers come from?

A growing number of people have started using one of the many connected mobility apps. This way they get rid of the many subscriptions en can travel around using different mobility services in one app such as public transportation, bike sharing, taxi’s and much more.

As we are connected to many of these apps, we collect incoming taxi requests and forward these to the users of our platform. In short, our platform connects your taxi service with the many local and traveling mobility users!

Connect your drivers with the customer!

Additionally, we also have a mobile app for your taxi drivers. With our dispatch platform you can forward the incoming requests to your drivers, after which he or she can accept or decline the request.

When your driver accepts the request, the customer gets notified. The driver will then be able to chat with the customer, keep them updated about their status and even arrange mobile payment through the app.

Manage users easily

Add users and assign or restrict permissions within the platform.

manage users

Create hotspots and custom routes

Define custom areas and routes on the map and determine the prices. The requests in your areas will automatically be assigned to you.

hotspots routes

Keep track of your cashflow

Get a clear and detailed overview of your monthly earnings.


Process incoming requests

Accept, decline or assign incoming requests to one or multiple drivers. The mobility user gets notified when their request is accepted by the driver.

process requests

Popups keep you informed

By using popups, you are always the first to view new requests.


Change the status of a request

You can update the status of an active ride, which will notify the mobility user. This way you can inform them you’re on your way to pick them up for example.

request status

Chat with customers

Communicate with mobility users through the chatbox to exchange additional information.

chat customers

Handle payments with the app

When you’re at the drop-off location, enter your milage and the price in the app. The customer will then accept to complete the payment.

mobile payment

Keep your rides organized

By using separate lists for upcoming, active and finished rides you always keep on track. You can even view your driver history when needed.

organise rides

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Don't take our word for it

We immediately became aware of the benefits of Cabsee: it is a secure, easy to use and up-to-date platform that boosts the customer-friendliness & helps us to gain more clients.


Taxi company Bruges

Cabsee allowed us to stay competitive in the changing transport industry. With only a simple integration, we were able to reach so many more clients.


Taxi company Ghent

Cabsee guarantees a smoother taxi service for clients. When I need to pick someone up, I immediately see where they are & I can easily get in touch with them if necessary. This way, we avoid confusion, and this leads to happy clients & a happier me!

Taxi driver


Cabsee made it easier for me to plan my work. The app gives you an overview of the upcoming and active rides, so that you can map out the most efficient & fast route.

Taxi driver


I often need taxi services for business purposes, so the opportunity for scheduling them is a big plus. Through my mobility app, I can communicate with the taxidriver & follow him real-time.

S. Vercruysse

Taxi client

MaaS | Become part of connected mobility

MaaS stands for ‘Mobility as a Service’ and describes the concept of networked mobility. As we’re shifting away from personal vehicles, more and more people are searching for other mobility solutions. MaaS bundles a wide range of mobility services in one straight forward app. This way users can rent a bike, use public transport, charge their electric vehicle, search for a parking spot, request a taxi and much more! The app also helps the user get to their destination fluently and efficiently by using different mobility services.

This concept is already offered by six major players in Belgium and will continue to expand. This is where you come in!

What are the benefits for you as a taxi operator?

  • By clustering multiple services into one route, your services are offered to each user using a mobility app.
  • A mobility user will be more inclined to become a customer of a MaaS provider offering all kinds of mobility services than of a provider that only focuses on its own service.
  • Because MaaS is all about connectivity, you become part of an extensive network of players who will also stimulate the use of your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there requirements to be able to join Cabsee?

To become a partner of Cabsee, you must comply with all legislation concerning your sector, in particular a valid permit, valid driving license, suitable cars, etc.
Finally, it is necessary that every car is equipped with a smartphone. The application, the acceptance or refusal of a request, the communication, the payment… are all arranged through the Cabsee app.

How can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App store. In both stores the app can be found under the name ‘Cabsee’.

How do I get (the right) requests?

Determine which routes you wish to cover. You can create multiple routes and use a different price per route.

If you add a route, you can give it a name, determine the pick-up locations and the location, indicate the type of vehicles that you have available for this route and determine your price.

Cabsee offers the possibility to define your zones nicely. If a zone where you are active does not match the geographical boundaries of a municipality, you can create your own zone with the hotspot functionality.

How is an incoming request processed?

When you click on a request, you get an detailed overview and you have three possible actions you can perform:

• Accepting: Accepting a request and possibly assign it to a driver. The mobility user will be informed accordingly.

• Forward: You can forward the request to the drivers with the intention that one of these drivers will have to accept the request. The driver will then see this request appear in his app. Upon acceptance, the journey is automatically assigned to the relevant driver.

• Reject: Refuse the request. The mobility user will be informed accordingly.

Can I get an overview of the active rides somewhere?

The active rides are visualized under the ‘active’ tab. You will find details about pick-up time, route and passengers. The location of you is also passed on to the mobility user and vice versa. The location of the mobility user is shown on the map.

How does the payment work?

Everything is arranged through the app. When the driver has arrived at the destination, the driver can enter the number of kilometers driven and the price. The prize will be forwarded to the mobility user who in turn can confirm the amount. The driver will then see a confirmation that the amount has been paid. If you entered the wrong amount, you can still change it within 10 minutes.

The amount is deducted from the customer’s balance. The customer will not be able to book a taxi if the balance proves to be insufficient for the desired journey.