Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there requirements to be able to join Cabsee?

To become a partner of Cabsee, you must comply with all legislation concerning your sector, in particular a valid permit, valid driving license, suitable cars, etc.
Finally, it is necessary that every car is equipped with a smartphone. The application, the acceptance or refusal of a request, the communication, the payment… are all arranged through the Cabsee app.

How can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App store. In both stores the app can be found under the name ‘Cabsee’.

Do I have to leave the app open all the time?

As long as you have not yet accepted a ride, the app works perfectly from the background. However, once you have accepted a customer request, your browser must remain open. You should not minimize the app until the ride is over.

Rides & Requests

How do I get (the right) requests?

Determine which routes you wish to cover. You can create multiple routes and use a different price per route.

If you add a route, you can give it a name, determine the pick-up locations and the location, indicate the type of vehicles that you have available for this route and determine your price.

Cabsee offers the possibility to define your zones nicely. If a zone where you are active does not match the geographical boundaries of a municipality, you can create your own zone with the hotspot functionality.

How is an incoming request processed?

When you click on a request, you get an detailed overview and you have three possible actions you can perform:

• Accepting: Accepting a request and possibly assign it to a driver. The mobility user will be informed accordingly.

• Forward: You can forward the request to the drivers with the intention that one of these drivers will have to accept the request. The driver will then see this request appear in his app. Upon acceptance, the journey is automatically assigned to the relevant driver.

• Reject: Refuse the request. The mobility user will be informed accordingly.

What if I have missed an incoming request?

If you have the taxi platform open in a browser (the browser may be minimized), a pop-up will always appear on your screen when you have received a taxi application. This also gives a sound signal. The popup will remain shown until it is clicked.

Under the settings section, the driver can turn on or disable the push notifications. These push notifications ensure that the driver receives a notification on his smartphone when an important item has to be reported to him.

Can I get an overview of the active rides somewhere?

The active rides are visualized under the ‘active’ tab. You will find details about pick-up time, route and passengers. The location of you is also passed on to the mobility user and vice versa. The location of the mobility user is shown on the map.

Is there an overview of the accepted rides?

Through the ‘Taxi rides’ tap you will find an overview of the accepted rides. You can see when you need to pick up the customer, which route has been chosen, who the driver is and in which status the request is.

What if a taxi ride was accepted but not yet assigned to a driver?

When a taxi ride has been accepted but has not yet been assigned to a driver, you can still do this in ‘ride details’. The ride will then appear in the app of the relevant driver.

What if I can not find the customer?

If the mobility user or the driver wishes to exchange additional information, this can be done within the provided chat box.


How does the payment work?

Everything is arranged through the app. When the driver has arrived at the destination, the driver can enter the number of kilometers driven and the price. The prize will be forwarded to the mobility user who in turn can confirm the amount. The driver will then see a confirmation that the amount has been paid. If you entered the wrong amount, you can still change it within 10 minutes.

The amount is deducted from the customer’s balance. The customer will not be able to book a taxi if the balance proves to be insufficient for the desired journey.

Can I accept tips?

The tip is not included in the fare. Cabsee does not ask and expect this from the customer. However, if the customer wishes to give a tip spontaneously at the end of the ride, you are free to accept this.